Ishani Kanetkar

Voice Actor


Ishani Kanetkar stumbled into voice acting halfway through a PhD program - and several years and a doctorate later, has completely failed to wander back out again. Among other audio drama appearances, you can hear her award-winning work as Arkady on The Strange Case of Starship Iris, as well as Em on The Godshead Incidental, Mahira on VALENCE, Gwen on Second Star to the Left, and Leona on Starfall. In her free time, she can usually be found on the internet, encouraging people to draw fanart of her characters with swords.

2017 -Audio dramaThe Strange Case of Starship IrisArkady Patel (main)
2018Audio dramaThe Far MeridianStranger 2; Cashier (ensemble)
2019 -Audio dramaThe Godshead IncidentalImogen "Em" Chandra-Phankham (main)
2020 -Audio dramaVALENCEMahira Varma (main)
2020Audio dramaHit the BricksPolychrome (supporting)
2020Audio anthologyHEXADECThe Boss (supporting)
2020 -Non-fiction podcastOne Does Not SimplyCo-host/co-editor
2021Audio dramaSecond Star to the LeftGwendolyn Hartley (main)
2021Audio fictionAll Worlds Left BehindNarrator
2021 -Audio dramaStarfallLeona (main)
2021Audio fictionWhat Pucks LoveNarrator
2021Audio dramaGreater BostonLily of the Small Urban Community Garden (guest)
2021 -Audio dramaRitual SixRue (supporting)
2021 -Audio dramaKeep It SteadyTori (supporting)
2021 -Audio dramaOminous ConvergenceIndira Varma (main)
2021Audio dramaThe WandererNarrator (guest)
2022 -Audio dramaMaxine MilesJenna Ambrose (supporting)
2022Audio dramaRoguemakerDarcy Fleet (ensemble)
2022Audio drama{Queer} Pride and PrejudiceCaroline Bingley (ensemble)
2022Audio fictionThe StorytellerNarrator